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Common Questions

Classes typically begin at 9am. Two hours of class are followed by Chapel and a communal snack. Two more hours of class lead up to lunch at 2pm.​

What is the Class Schedule? 

Some medications are available in Greece without prescription. However, it may be under a different commercial name. If there is a special medication you need, it is safer to bring it with you. It is difficult to have medication mailed to you.

Can I purchase the over-the-counter medicine that I need?

 It is recommended that visits from parents or friends take place during breaks (Christmas, Easter, etc.). Students cannot miss class due to visitors.

Can friends and family visit me while school is in session? 

Though exceptions can be made, ISP students are typically assigned a Greek roommate. This provides a unique cultural experience.​

What about roommates?
What about roommates?

Students often give time to their ministry internship, church, studying and/or time with friends. The ISP group will often do something together, but there is freedom.​

What does the typical weekend look Like?

Within a 5-minute walk there is a grocery store, coffee shops, bakeries, a bookstore, banks and a place to grab a gyro. Two different malls are accessible by bus or train.

What stores are near by?

όχι - (O-HE) - No

No! All classes are conducted in English. But because this is a bi-lingual campus, you can expect to pick up many Greek words and phrases.

Do I need to know Greek?

Students can report any illness to the Dean of Students. The College has a list of English speaking doctors and specialists, who are paid in cash. Receipts can be sent to your insurance company.​

What if I need to see a Doctor?

Clothes, electronics (including an adapter plug), Bible and any personal items are the most essential, but don’t stress as most items can be purchased in Greece. A detailed packing list will be included upon acceptance.

What should I Pack?

You must first obtain a work permit, which is typically only granted to EU citizens. It is not recommended for ISP students to work a job.

Can I work in Greece?

 Public transportation is easy in Greece. A combo of buses and metro will get you just about anywhere. Students are taught how to use public transport in the ISP orientation.

How will I get around? 

When not studying, students go to the beach in Rafina, tour Athens, hike nearby hills, and more.

What do students do for fun?
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