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Travel Opportunities 

Students have many opportunities to explore different parts of Greece. Included in the tuition are two college-wide trips: a Fall retreat and a Spring ministry trip. The annual Fall retreat is held over a long weekend at a retreat center, usually within one or two hours’ drive from the campus. The long weekend together provides an opportunity for testimonies, Bible study, games and outdoor activities. The annual Spring excursion is a missions trip. In previous years that College has served in places such as Turkey, Albania, Northern Greece, Cyprus, and various islands. Such trips provide an opportunity to visit and encourage churches, support local ministries and explore unique cultural and historical sites.


Students in the ISP take additional trips as a part of their coursework, including visits to important Biblical and cultural sites throughout Greece. For example, students spend a day or two visiting ancient Corinth to explore the geography and well-preserved ruins. Similarly, students are guided on an in-depth tour of Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul interacted with the ancient philosophers of Athens (cf. Acts 17).


Students may also visit the famous monasteries of Meteora to study monasticism and practice discernment while engaging this important center of Orthodox theology and practice.


Many other opportunities arise, such as a night on the Hellenic Ministries’ sailboat, The Morning Star. Students also can book their own trips. Past students have particularly enjoyed exploring surrounding islands such as Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos which are easily reached by ferry or airplane. The affordable airfares between European countries also provide opportunity for students to visit neighboring lands such as Italy or Cyprus. Plan for extra expenses if you wish to participate in touring Greece and Europe.



Our Travel Albums

Ancient Corinth

Annual Retreat

Morning Star

Lesvos Mission Trip




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